Interview and Review with Empty Lighthouse Magazine

I hope you will check out the latest interview and review of Driving Backwards published by Empty Lighthouse Magazine!

Kate Cimini writes: “Driving Backwards is a tremendous look at small-town life, honing in on the details that make up a world many people wouldn’t recognize.  Lander captures the feeling of living in rural New Hampshire. It’s a really charming read, with a clear, easy tone and well-chosen words that are at once deliberate and graceful. From the first chapter, you’re pulled into a world through Lander’s relationships with the people she writes about.”

Interview in the Laconia Citizen


I had the opportunity to sit down with a reporter from the Laconia Citizen recently.  We sat outside the Gilmanton Year Round Library and talked about both Driving Backwards and the town.

You can read his profile of Driving Backwards HERE

Camerato writes: ”Lander’s first nonfiction memoir “Driving Backwards” sheds light on those places and people you’ve always wanted to meet but maybe are too shy or busy to actually do so. It tells the stories of the farmers and everyday people that make Gilmanton so unique and so like every other small town.”

Review in the Concord Monitor




I’m excited to share Driving Backward’s very first Review! It came out today (July 13th) in the NH Concord Monitor.

Deb Baker writes of the book: “Driving Backwards is a delightful read. Lander’s obvious pleasure in storytelling is sprinkled with history, both human and natural, and her curiosity and affection for her subjects is contagious…I’ll be keeping an eye out for more work from this talented young writer.”