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Authors: Karen Mapp, Ilene Carver, and Jessica Lander

Powerful Partnerships offers advice and guidance on how to answer a difficult question: How do we, in education, get our families and communities involved, with so many challenging situations in our way? Students thrive in school when their teachers and families work together as productive partners and teachers can recognize and build on the many cultural and linguistic strengths each student brings to school.

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Authors: Students of Lowell High School’s Seminar on American Diversity
Editor: Jessica Lander

Twenty-four students from Lowell High School in Massachusetts set out to explore and explain the concepts, federal laws, and Supreme Court decisions that have shaped the meaning of diversity and equity in America. Through prose and through photography, Defining Diversity is a concise and inspiring journey through a century and half of seminal moments in American history told through the voices of the next generation.

Defining Diversity has special resonance because Lowell High was the very first integrated high school in the United States—open to all from its founding in the 1830’s. Today, the school is one of the most diverse in the nation, home to students from 66 countries across five continents.


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Gilmanton was briefly the most famous town in America. Today the town, nestled amongst the hills of central New Hampshire and along the curve of the Suncook River, is a microcosm of the changing ways and enduring values of rural life in the twenty-first century.

Driving Backwards is a poignant exploration of the vividness of the everyday. Across twenty years of summers, Jessica Lander has come to know Gilmanton and its residents. Valerie, who tends sixty-five goats, home-schools ten children and crafts artisanal goat cheese. Jim and Cheryl, who raise miniature horses, flocks of chickens and long-eared rabbits, all on two tiny acres. Duncan, a third generation farmer, who harvests thousands of pounds of wild blueberries every summer. Chuck, who runs a six-generation dairy farm.

Lander’s guide is David Bickford – a fireman, carpenter, town selectman and nearly one-hundred-year-old storyteller. Through richly observed portraits and elegant prose, Lander elevates the ordinary and encourages a deeper appreciation for the stories that surround us.

With grace, humor, affection and insight, Driving Backwards blends three hundred years of colorful history with the contemporary lives, seasonal rhythms and varied landscape of modern small-town America.

Awarded the 2015 bronze national medal for Creative Non-Fiction by the Independent Publisher Book Awards!